Gordon Whelbourn Week

The Gordon Whelbourn Week

Organised by Newark Athletic Club, the event consists of 5 races, run on the Monday to Friday of the week, normally in the first week of June.
Racer’s can run in as many races as they like but those running all 5 races will get a souvenir and be eligible for the Gordon Whelbourn Running Week prizes.
The 10k road race run on the Friday can also be run as an open event, there are separate prizes.
The series is named after Gordon Whelbourn a leading member of the club who did a great deal to make the club what it is today. There are 2 trophies, the Mary Whelbourn Trophy for the leading female over the series and the Doctor Simeon Hansard Trophy for the leading male. Simeon was a member of the club during the 1990’s who lost his life in an accident whilst competing in a triathlon.
The main objective of the event is to have fun, get a bit fitter and meet new runners as well as commemorate some of the former members of Newark Athletic Club.

Thank you everyone who took part in the Gordon Whelbourn Week, Results can be found below: